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Imperial Treasury Vienna Overview

Book your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets and witness a glorious collection of insignia, coronation vestments and mementos. Get a deep insight into the long-standing traditions and intriguing tales of the House of Habsburg, one of the most influential dynasties that ruled in the Christian Occident. Some of the pieces of great importance that you will see here include jewels and relics of the Holy Roman Empire, which also are milestones in the overall history of Europe.

One of the most exquisite pieces that finds pride of place in the Imperial Treasury is the Crown of Rudolf II that he had made back in 1602 which later became the Crown of the new Austrian Empire. Some of the other iconic pieces housed here are pieces of exquisite jewelry that belonged to the Habsburg empresses and archduchesses as well as mementos of Napoleon and his son from his marriage to Marie Louise, an Austrian Archduchess. Every object at the Imperial Treasury Vienna is shrouded in an aura of legend, for instance, the world’s largest agate bowl that was once believed to be the Holy Grail, or the Holy Lance that goes back to the 8th century.

Book Imperial Treasury Vienna Tickets Online

Book your Imperial Treasury Vienna Tickets Online to make the entire experience absolutely hassle-free and more enhanced. You can now book your tickets from the comforts of your home or office and thus avoid waiting in long queues at the venue if you were to get them personally. You can also be assured of getting tickets for your preferred days and time slot this way. Moreover, if you book your tickets online you can enjoy the best Imperial Treasury Vienna ticket price and avail of some of the most lucrative deals, offers, and discounts that you would not have otherwise missed.

Witness gorgeous pieces of art by masters such as Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Raphael, and Durer when you visit the Imperial Treasury Vienna. Being home to two imperial crowns- the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Imperial Crown, as well as the treasure of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Burgundian treasure, this is arguably the most important treasury in the world. Use your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets to make your way past the great iron door that resembles a bank vault to find remarkable relics, crown jewels, and treasures that span across hundreds of years of Imperial history.

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Imperial Treasury Vienna Package Options

Vienna: Imperial Treasury in the Hofburg Palace
  • Entrance tickets
  • Does not come with an audio guide
  • Does not include a guided tour, although you can come with your own guide
Kunsthistorisches Museum & Imperial Treasury
  • Entry into the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and Kunstkammer Vienna
  • Entry into the Imperial Treasury at Vienna Hofburg
  • Does not include audio guide
  • Does not include transfers
Hofburg Palace, Sisi Museum & Silver Collection Tour
  • Pick up and drop off from and to your hotel
  • Includes a private guide
  • A walking tour of tour of Hofburg Palace Complex and Imperial Treasury
  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to Sisi Museum
  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to Silver Collection
  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to Hofburg Palace
  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to Imperial Treasury (3 and 4-hour options)
  • 1-hour guided walking tour of the Old Town
Vienna: Family-Friendly History for Kids Guided Walking Tour
  • Private walking tour in Vienna Old Town
  • Licensed guide
  • Special program adapted to the kids
  • Imperial Treasury entry
Vienna: Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour
  • Private Walking Tour of Vienna Old Town with Top Attractions
  • 5-Stars Guide with Official Vienna License speaking fluently in chosen language
  • Regular tickets to the Imperial Treasury (in 4 and 6-hour options)

Things to Explore in Imperial Treasury Vienna

The Crown

Visit Room 11 of the Imperial Treasury Vienna to witness the primary feature of the museum, a lavish crown that has been the pride of a series of Holy Roman Emperors. It was worn by rulers of the land during special ceremonies and was the most important aspect of the emperor’s royal attire. It is believed that the Crown was created for the coronation ceremony of Emperor Otto back in the year 962. It is covered in rich and meaningful ornamentation such as the eight gold plates which have been adorned with precious stones and pearls that symbolize Jerusalem’s eight gates.

The Holy Lance

Also preserved in Room 11 of the museum, you can see this lance with your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets. It goes back to the eighth century when Constantine the Great is said to have used it to gain marvelous victories in battles. According to legend, this lance was used by Longinus to torture Christ on the Cross.

The Imperial Cross

Set in gold over wood, the Imperial Cross goes back several centuries to about 1024 – 1025. You can see the intricate engravings on it of the Lamb of God, the 12 apostles, and other detailed inscriptions. The face of the Cross is inlaid with glittering pearls and precious stones. The emperors took their oaths of office on the Imperial Book of Gospels which was created with lettering in gold and has four illuminated renderings of evangelists from the eighth century.

Another Captivating Crown

Apart from the dazzling crown of the king, the Imperial Treasury houses yet another captivating crown. This was the crown of Rudolf II that was used by him in private, which was made in Prague in the early 17th century and was used for state events only. The crown is adorned with a circle of eight lily formations, that denote the Imperial office and is studded with diamonds, rubies, and sapphire.

The Best Baby Present

This is a throne shaped as a silver-gilt cradle that was gifted by the city of Paris to the newly born son of Napoleon. Soon after the prince was born, he was named the King of Rome and he was gifted with one of the best baby presents by his subjects. It is covered in symbolic details and you will see the Fame goddess carrying a laurel wreath and an eagle headed towards Napoleonic star, along with the emperor’s personal symbol, the golden bees.

A Few Gems

Get your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets and marvel at the amazing collection of gems and jewels here. Among them, one of the most exotic pieces is the Colombian emerald, the largest of its kind in the entire world. It has been etched into an ointment vessel forged in Prague in the mid 17th century. Also on display is a 416-carat ruby set in enamel which looks like an imperial double eagle.

Artifacts From Emperor Ferdinand I

The museum houses some of the most stunning belongings of Emperor Ferdinand I after he became King of Lombardy-Venetia. Apart from his exquisite garments there are two pieces of great significance that you can see here with your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets. These include an agate bowl that has been carved from agate which is believed to have been created during the 4th Century AD in Constantinople and was also believed to be the Holy Grail. The other is a massive narwhal tusk that was said to be a unicorn’s horn, and symbolizes the Virgin Mary.

Some Ecclesiastical Treasures

Visit the ecclesiastical section of the Imperial Treasury Vienna Where you will come across pieces of great significance from the olden days. These include items like a reliquary that holds a nail which is believed to have pierced Jesus Christ on the cross. There are precious gems dazzling in beautiful pieces showcased in this section. There are also fragments from the cross after the crucifixion which have been kept in a big ostentatious vessel decorated with jewels.

Know Before You Go To Imperial Treasury Vienna

Essential Information
  • Timings: Wednesday to Monday: 9 AM – 5:30 PM

  • Locations: Hofburg, Schweizerhof 1010 Vienna

  • How to Reach:

  • By Tram: You can reach the Imperial Treasury by taking the tram D, 1, 2 or 71 to the Burgring stop. Once you leave the train you will find yourself at the Ringstraße, between the Kunsthistorische Museum in the West and the Neue Burg in the East. Simply follow the Ring to the North West until you see the see the Heldentor on your right. Start walking through it and then through Heldenplatz, and the Inner Courtyard until you come to the entrance to the Imperial Treasury Museum.

  1. By Bus: You can also take the bus lines 1A or 2A to Michaelerplatz or Habsburgergasse to reach the Imperial Treasury Museum.

  2. By Underground Line U3: You can take the underground Line U3 till the station "Herrengasse". Once you exit the station you will find yourself at the crossroads of Wallnerstrabe. Take a left and follow Herrengasse, cross Michaelerplatz, and arrive at the Innerer Burghof. From here you have to turn left and walk through the Schweizer Tor into den Schweizer Hof till you come at the entrance to the Imperial Treasury Museum.

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Imperial Treasury Museum is during the early morning hours soon after the gates are opened for the general public. This is when the visitors here are the least and you can explore the place in peace and quiet.
  • There are cloakroom facilities with coin operated lockers
  • Audio guides are available that give background information on the items on display
  • There are benches across the museum where you can sit
  • There is a souvenir shop inside the museum
  • All the lefts in the museum are wheelchair accessible and six manual wheelchairs are available for use free of charge
  • There are several information points with tactile maps and audio descriptions available for visitors with visual impairments
  • There are videos with subtitles in English available throughout the museum

Tips To Visit Imperial Treasury Vienna

  • Use the audio guides to get extensive background information about most of the items on display
  • If you are looking for souvenirs, try the shop inside the Schatzkammer entrance hall where you will also find a good collection of jewelry which are priced a little reasonably
  • If you have a Vienna Pass already, you will have a one-time free entry into the museum
  • Do not ignore the smaller reclusive spots for the more prominent ones as these may hold some of the most spectacular pieces
  • Book your tickets online in advance and skip having to stand in long queues.

FAQs For Imperial Treasury Vienna Tickets

What are the collections we can witness in Imperial Treasury Vienna?

1. The Weltliche Schatzkammer or World Treasury: Witness a thousand years of European history and the former power of the Habsburgs in the bejeweled crown and holy lance. The crown belonged to Emperor Rudolf II and later became the Imperial crown of Austria. With your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets, discover the vestments, other treasures of the Order of the Golden Fleece, and valuable jewels including one of the largest emeralds in the world.

2. Geistliche Schatzkammer or Spiritual Treasury: In this section, you can take a tour through a comprehensive history of piety, art, and religion. Come across distinctive and interesting objects showcased here that relay the medieval cult of relics, of post-baroque ruler piety, of Habsburg Catholicism at the time of the Counter-Reformation, and of popular Austrian beliefs.

Where to buy Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets?

The best way to get your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets is online as this can not only get you the most lucrative Imperial Treasury Vienna ticket price but also saves you the trouble of standing in long lines. Children below 19 years can enjoy free admission into the museum.

Can we book Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets online?

Yes, you can buy your Imperial Treasury Vienna tickets online, which is also the recommended way of procuring the tickets. It is easy, hassle free and affordable.

Which are the best restaurants near Imperial Treasury Vienna?

1. The Guesthouse Vienna: Located in the heart of Vienna this plush café restaurant is among the most popular food outlets near the Imperial Treasury Museum. The ambience is cozy and comfortable and the cuisine is creative and modern. The restaurant is best known for its breakfast spread which draws a lot of guests here.

2. Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof Wien: This is a popular restaurant especially among families and is housed within a beautiful 5-star property with a history of more than a hundred years. The restaurant offers excellent service and pays close attention to the needs of every guest. The menu comprises dishes that incorporate fine ingredients from Austria and the Mediterranean region.

3. Radisson Blu Style Hotel, Vienna: Feel at home at this popular outlet known for its friendly and efficient service that instantly puts you at ease. It is located conveniently in the heart of the city and is decorated in a comfortable contemporary style. The restaurant serves both Austrian and International delicacies for all the meals.

Is it worth visiting Imperial Treasury Vienna?

It is definitely worth visiting the Imperial Treasury Vienna to witness some of the most exquisite jewels and other riches that belonged to the thriving Habsburg dynasty. From crowns, vestments, and lances to garments, gems, and religious emblems, this museum gives you an awe-inspiring insight into the affluence of the erstwhile rulers of the country.


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