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Any trip to Vienna is incomplete without a visit to the Imperial Treasury Vienna as it is a hub of Europe’s rich history and mesmerising glory. It is also home to the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Imperial Crown, Empress Elisabeth’s jewellery, the largest cut emerald in the world and other Habsburg jewels of unfathomable worth. The Imperial Treasury Vienna is one of the most remarkable treasury in the world and one of the greatest attractions of the World.

All the treasures of the Imperial Treasury narrate the magnificent history of Vienna to the tourists. One of the Treasury’s most notable objects is the huge Narwhal tooth that was previously mistaken for a Unicorn’s horn in the past. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of the largest agate bowl here,which was thought to be the holy grail. There are also antiquities that have seen the alliance between the House of Habsburg to the Dukes of Burgundy and the Order of the Golden Fleece. This Treasury has stood the test of time and has witnessed various historical,political and cultural events during the reign of different governments. This is the only royal treasury existing since the time of the European Middle Ages.

Know before you go to Imperial Treasury Vienna

How To Reach
Best Time To Visit
Rules & Regulations
  • Location: The Imperial Treasury is located in Hofburg, Schweizerhof, 1010 Wien, Austria.

  • How To Reach: Tourists can reach the location by Metro via the U3 line and get off at the station Herrengasse.They can also board the tram going on lines 1, 2, 71 and D and get down at the Burgring stop or avail the buses 1A or 2A and get down at the Michaelerplatz bus stop.They can also reach the destination on an Hop On and Hop Off service via the Yellow Line/https://www.Red Line route and get off at Kunsthistorisches Museum.Foreign tourists can find taxis,shuttles and rental cars from the Vienna Airport which is just 18 kilometres away from the Imperial Treasury Vienna.

  • Timings:The Imperial Treasury Vienna opening hours are from 9 am to 5.30 pm(Wednesday-Monday). The Treasury remains closed on Tuesdays.

  • Best Time To Visit:Vienna dazzles throughout the year, however, the best to visit Imperial Treasury Vienna is during the months of Autumn and Spring. During these seasons,tourists can visit Vienna on a comparatively low budget as the flights are low in fare and accommodations are cheap. In these months a lot of events and seasonal markets take place, in addition to a number of art exhibitions that are also held during this time.

  • Taking Photos- Permission is granted for capturing pictures and recording inside the Imperial Treasury Vienna for personal and unmarketable purposes. Tourists are forbidden to use a tripod or flash for clicking photos. In order to use a flash, they have to get special permits issued. Certain masterpieces are prohibited from being pictured.

  • Wardrobe- Tourists are advised to put on casual clothes for the museum tour to keep themselves relaxed. They are also suggested to wear comfortable footwear to avoid any discomfort. They can leave personal objects like coats,bags and umbrellas in the museum’s Cloakroom for security without any additional charges.

  • Mobile phones are banned in exhibition rooms.
  • Food and beverages should be consumed only in selected areas.
  • Weapons and pets except service animals are not allowed.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be at all times accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes are prohibited.
  • Visitors should submit their belongings like selfie sticks,umbrellas and bags in the cloakroom before starting the tour of the treasury.
  • Groups of more than 25 members require special permits for entry.
  • Visitors are not allowed to touch the showcases or exhibits.
  • Visitors are allowed to use the WLANs under certain terms and conditions.
  • Guests are requested to come between the designated Imperial Treasury Vienna opening hours, as the museum is very strict about their timing and does not allow late comers to enter.


What are the important things we should know before going to Imperial Treasury Vienna?

  • The Treasury has secured coin-operated lockers and a cloakroom for all the tourists’ to submit their belongings free of charge.
  • Invest in an audio guide to gain knowledge about the displayed objects thoroughly.
  • Non-German speakers will not have a problem in the secular Imperial treasures collection,as everything including the theme of the Gallery and the description of the displayed items are written in English alongside German.
  • In the ecclesiastical treasures collection,visitors would need an audio guide for explanation as the descriptions are more or less in German.
  • Tourists can also purchase souvenirs for their friends and family back home from the souvenir shop in the Entrance Hall.

What is the Vienna Imperial Treasury famous for?

The Vienna Imperial Treasury is famous for two of the most important crowns in the history of Europe, the Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Crown. Other noteworthy highlights include the Imperial sword and the Regalia worn by the Archduchy of Austria. It also has heirlooms belonging to Napoleon 2 and his mother Marie Louise

What are the best places to visit near Imperial Treasury Vienna?

The best places to visit near the Imperial Treasury Vienna are-The Sisi Museum, which is home to the several personal belongings of Empress Elisabeth and her stunning portraits ; and the magnificent Austrian National Library, which is the biggest Baroque library in Europe. Another attraction near the Treasury is Albertina,a profound museum dedicated to art.

Is the Imperial Treasury Vienna ticket price the same for everyone?

Tickets are priced at 14 euros for adults, 12 euros for senior citizens and 12 euros for physically challenged people and their companions. It is 12 euros for people between the age of 19-25, who can provide valid student IDs. Entry is free of charge for people below the age of 19.

What are some of the best artefacts to see at Imperial Treasury Vienna?

Apart from the two most prominent crowns of the European Middle Ages, the Imperial Crown and the Austrian Crown; the Treasury is famous for its renowned agate bowl which was mistaken to be the Holy Grail and a narwhal tooth which was misunderstood for an Unicorn's horn. It also has antiquities like the Imperial Gospels from ca.800 and the sabre of Charlemagne from the 10th century.

Which is the most famous collection of Imperial Treasury Vienna?

The Imperial Treasury Vienna has two enigmatic collections. One is the Secular Collection that consists of noble antiques and jewels like the Austrian Crown Jewels,the Regalia and the Imperial Sword. The other collection is the Ecclesiastical Collection that comprises spiritual and religious images and altars.


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